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Shipping Details:

If delivery term by CFR or CIF deliver term, We will inquire the lastest freight rates to your destination port or delivery place with shipping agent, The shipping cost will be calculated according to the ordering quantity.

At Xiamen Port in China, we could load the maximum gross weight of 26.5-27.0 tons into one 20'ontainer. Therefore, how much stone you could load per 20' container depends on the weight limit on the roads or railway of your country. The density of stone colors ranges from 2600 to 3000KGS per cubic meter. The marble is around 2600KGS per cubic meter. The granite is around 2700KGS per cubic meter except for black granite with a density of 3000KGS per cubic meter. Please note that there should be at least 1000KGS held for the weight of the wooden crates.

Therefore, for America (MAX net gross:17500kgs), the quantity per 20' container load is as follows.

3/8" thickness: 6459 sq.ft.
3/4" thickness: 3229sq.ft.
1 1/4" thickness: 2153 sq.ft.
1 1/2" thickness: 1615sq.ft.
2" thickness: 1292 sq.ft.
For most of the European countries and Middle East (MAX net gross:26500kgs), the quantity per 20'ontainer load is as follows.

1cm: 920M2
1.2cm: 765M2
1.5cm: 615M2
2.0cm: 460M2
2.5cm: 370M2
3.0cm: 310M2
4.0cm: 230M2
5.0cm: 185M2
But, For Some other countries and final destination port, The container loads allow Max gross weight 21500kgs or 22500kgs.

Anyway, The maximum container loads depends on the weight limit on the roads or railway of your country, Please kindly check with your local shipping or transportation agent before calculating the pricing.


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