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     Granite Cobble Stone become more popular for the outdoor decoration for patio and garden. Most of granite cobble stone are 6 sides natural split, or split & tumbled by machine. The standards size is 10/10/10cm with hand split.
At present we produce several materials for the cobble stone, such as grey granite cobble stone, red granite cobble stone, yellow cobble stone, red porphyry cobble stone, black cobble stone, sandstone cobblestone and cobble stone with mesh tile.

     granite cobblestone
    共有 45 个产品

  • yellow granite tiles polishing

  • yellow granite paver

  • yellow granite cubestone

  • yellow granite cobblestone

  • polishing grey granite pavers

  • pineapplied flagstone

  • Padang Dark Slab

  • Padang Dark Granite Steps

  • natural surface with others sawn cubestone

  • light grey step and stairs

  • light grey granite

  • light grey exterior paving

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