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·  Black Basalt paver

   The basalt stone paving using as patios,creates a comfortable and entertaining areas in informal and formal terraces. Steps provide comfortable transitions from one level to another.The popular black basalt pavers is 70x70x70mm,100x100x50mm, 80x80x80mm,90x90x90mm. The bluestone paver finishing is natural split, ,flamedbushhammered,brushed,tumbled.


     Black Basalt paver
    共有 99 个产品

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  • Iron Grey Basalt Exfoliated Paver

  • flamed basalt slab

  • flamed basalt grain cover

  • flamed basalt blocks

  • Jet Black Basalt Exfoliated Paver

  • basalt 6sides natural paver

  • basalt mushroom finishing

  • 6sides natural split basalt

  • outdoor wall tiles

  • Natural Surface road paver

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